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9/4 J310 Citizenship and social change Citizen Journalists Social Maintenance Objective Thomas Paine – Common Sense Subjective Sam Adams – Journal of Occurrences End justifies the means Journalism: “facilitating community” Community Share a common bond Mass Society Technology (ie internet) Supports communities Breaks down geographic barriers Media Strengthens ties between communities Social Capital Collective value of social networks Networks have value Shared services Measuring social capital Community activity
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Unformatted text preview: Church, bowling, local politics, volunteerism Informal sociability Social trust Relationships affecting social capital Tolerance TV Economic equality Declining Media and Citizenship Declining readership Due to loss of credibility Link to declining communities Preference for transparency Bias, assumptions Fox News Mainstream media under attack Declining loyalty Continuous news rather than appointed Transition in Journalism How does Journalism need to adapt to keep up with the future?...
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