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My Father's Life - scarred by my father's absence in my...

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Natalie Cook PSP Personal Essay 10 July 2008 Personal Response to "My Father's Life" I found this essay to be really disheartening. As the speaker reflects on his father's life, and the alcoholism that played a great, negative role on his life, I feel sympathy for him. Because I have no recollection of living with my own father, who is alive but irresponsible, I have always wondered if it is worse, or more traumatizing for a child to live without a father, and wonder where he is and why he isn't with the family, or to live with one that adds negativity to the household, as the speaker's father did with his problem with alcohol. It may seem like the obvious answer is that it is better to have an absence of a father instead of one who is present but is a negative presence, but at times, I feel like I have substantial reason to disagree. I do not think that I have been terribly
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Unformatted text preview: scarred by my father's absence in my life, because my mother has always done an incredible job at making that a non-issue for me, but I still often think about him. When my birthday passes and he does not call, I wonder if he even knew that it was my birthday, and whether or not he thought about me. I wonder what he does for a living, and I wonder which of my personality traits are attributed to him. I feel for the speaker in the essay because he is stuck in a negative family-situation that he did not choose for himself, but I feel like at least he knew his father. At least he could have known what his father's favorite color and favorite foods were, etc. I am unsure about which I feel is worse; perhaps they are just both undesirable, unfortunate situations....
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