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Natalie Cook Thought Piece 2 HD 1160 18 Sept. 2008 Reflection on “Less exploring by mouth occurs in newborns of depressed mothers” The article on this study made me sympathize with newborns. It made me think of how little control humans have over the situations that they are born into. For example, an innocent newborn can be born into a situation where its mother is an addict to any kind of harmful substance, where it is abused by its parents, or in this case, where it is born to a depressed mother. Aside from all of the biological and developmental deficiencies the newborn may have, as described in this article, I think that it is also important to realize that a depressed mother may be more likely to neglect and express an abundance of love for her child and less likely to pay
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Unformatted text preview: valuable attention to it, give it the opportunity to be nourished through breast-feeding, which is a significant method of bonding for a mother and a newborn, etc. I was surprised that the topic of the association between mouth exploration and depressed mothers was even being researched; I never even considered such a link would exist before reading this article. While I was disheartened by the disadvantage that babies of depressed mothers may experience, I was please to acknowledge that while such a link may have never even been considered before, it is being researched today. To me, this is a definite indicator of progression in science, particularly in the field of human development, especially infant development....
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