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Unformatted text preview: Natalie Cook Thought Piece 1 HD 1160 10 September 2008 Reflection on Kalb and Merewood Both readings provided me with valuable insights on novel research findings. While I am thrilled that science is advancing and allowing for once impossible techniques to occur, I am very disturbed by the control that humans are coming to have over their future children, as explained in Kalb’s “Brave New Babies.” Though I come from a religious family, I would not direct my unease with the new procedures to my faith or religious beliefs. However, I do think that these new procedures conflict with my moral beliefs and standards. I also find it contradictory to the beauty in the randomness of nature. It seems to me like some people find the randomness of nature to be an inconvenience, or a hindrance. However, I think that nature’s randomness is one if her most magnificent qualities. Again, I appreciate the advances that have made it possible for people who thought they would never biologically mother or father a child...
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