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Syllabus English 1106 Spring 2006 The United States in the World 9:05 a.m. CRN 12496 10:10 a.m. CRN 12503 MWF Pamplin 1004 Sara Crickenberger 442 Shanks Hall [email protected] 231-6160 Office hours: TBA and by appointment Course Description This course is designed to help you continue developing the critical thinking, reading, writing, presentation, and research skills you will need to succeed as a college student and as a professional. The subject matter we will consider for the semester is the United States in the World. We will examine our own cultural identity as Americans or individuals living in the United States, how we view our role in the world and how the rest of the world views the United States and its citizens. The three major writing projects for this class all will require original research related to our course theme. The class format will consist of class discussions, short lectures, group work, writing workshops and writing assignments. A major part of your class work also will consist of conducting original research and writing three formal papers. Each student is expected to make regular contributions to class discussions. You should come to class prepared to discuss the texts and issues with your classmates. Required Texts and Materials International Views by Keith Gumery The Brief Penguin Handbook, 2 nd Edition, by Lester Faigley Composition at Virginia Tech Written, Spoken and Visual Composition 2006-2007, Pearson Custom Publishing An active Virginia Tech email address and access to Blackboard A good, college-level dictionary and thesaurus Materials posted on Blackboard Course Policies Participation and Attendance Students are expected to attend this class every day. In-class discussions and writing assignments will be a critical part of this course. To ensure that you are able to actively participate, you should come to class each day on time, prepared – with reading and writing assignments completed – and willing to share your ideas. You should come willing to listen carefully and respond respectfully to what others have to say. During the semester there will be times when class members will disagree with one another and/or the instructor on an issue being discussed. Disagreement is not only unavoidable, it is
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desirable as it forces us to think more carefully and deeply about our own ideas and convictions. Do not take these disagreements personally. Recognize them as an opportunity to reconsider or strengthen your own ideas. Above all, try to fairly and seriously consider all the opinions presented in class. The participation grade will include credit for attendance, participation in class discussions and activities, in-class assignments and out-of-class assignments with the exception of your major papers.
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spring_2007_syllabus - Syllabus English 1106 Spring 2006...

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