HW_5 - Homework Assignment#5 Due in class on April 22nd...

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Homework Assignment #5                                       Name: Kim Neugarten Due in class on April 22nd     Circle Class Time:   8:00      9:30       12:30                   Accounting 200   (20 points) Wilma Wildcats Company began operations on January 1, 2002.  Wilma Wildcats adopted the calendar year for  reporting purposes.  On December 31,  2006 , a new accountant arrives and realizes some transactions have not  been recorded and some adjusting journal entries have not been written. He has Wilma Wildcats provide him with  the (1) chart of accounts – including ending balances and (2) additional information to permit the adjustment of the  impacted accounts.   Wilma Wildcats Company December 31, 2006 Account Description Balance* Cash 80,553 Accounts Receivable 40,000 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts* 1,900 Supplies 7,000 Inventory 41,000 Equipment 195,000 Accumulated Depreciation 33,000 Patents 48,000 Accounts Payable 37,500 Note payable 166,834 Common Stock 9,000 Additional paid in capital 91,000 Treasury Stock Retained Earnings 4,000 Dividends 3,000 Sales 612,000 4,000 Sales Discounts 6,000 Cost of Goods Sold 325,300 Bad Debts Expense Depreciation Expense Amortization Expense Delivery Expense 8,000 Wages Expense 90,000 Rent Expense 30,000 Office Expense 16,500 Supplies Expense 9,100 Maintenance Expense 22,600 Interest Expense 15,381 Interest Income 2,000
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Income Tax Expense 12,000 * All accounts have the normal or typical debit/credit balance for the type of account it represents, 
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HW_5 - Homework Assignment#5 Due in class on April 22nd...

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