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Unformatted text preview: Vice Prez Strategy Potential Impact of Palin on Attaining McCain's Goals Conventional VP Goals Leader who can take over as President Assistant who will perform prescribed roles in administration Individual who can help win the election carry home state add small net percentage in key states convert a few from opposing party How to gain that slight edge 1. Persuade independent swing voters 2. Activate core to higher turnout rate 3. Convert a few voters from opposing party ... and avoid turning off existing supporters Who were main options? 1st Runnerup Mitt Romney 2nd Runnerup Mike Huckabee 3rd Runnerup Rudy Giuliani Tom Ridge Charlie Crist Joe Leiberman Elizabeth Dole Tim Pawlenty Sarah Palin Can Palin... Persuade swing voters? In contrast to Joe Biden ... Female independents ** People dissatisfied with establishment... seeking fresh face Those upset with energy costs + 1% Activate core conservatives? AntiAbortion ** ProGuns ProIraq & military Hard core conservative + 2% Convert Liberals? Hillary diehards 0% ...
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  • Spring '08
  • KyleAndrews
  • John McCain, Sarah Palin, United States presidential election, 2008, Charlie Crist Joe Leiberman Elizabeth Dole Tim Pawlenty Sarah Palin, Persuade swing voters

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