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Midterm Study Guide Review Sheet The first midterm has a total 35 points, with 38 items to choose from; you throw out any three of your choosing. There are 10 one-point short answer questions, and the rest are multiple choice. Two-thirds of the test is based on lecture, and one-third is drawn from the readings (one or to items from each chapter). The exam will test all class material covered in lecture, discussion, exercises, and assigned readings. The review sheet provides a list of topics areas to gives a rough preview of what could potentially be covered on the exam. ****Just because something is not on the review sheet does not mean it will not be tested on the exam. Similarly, just because something is on the review sheet does not mean it will be tested on the exam. **** At the end of this guide are some items from recent exams to illustrate the type of questions that will be on the midterm Key Concepts of Campaigns: Defining Characteristics of Campaigns Agenda Public Communication Campaign Sponsors History of Campaigns: including trends Public Communication Campaigns o Types of… E x V… what does this mean? Susceptibility and severity Campaign Design Steps…what are they? o Situational Analyses o Campaign Goals o Message Strategies o Mechanisms of Influence Quantity and Quality Social Norms Seven Basic Pathways of Influence Message Scheduling Political Campaigns Formative Evaluation Social Marketing Definition The four (5) Ps of Marketing…Plus the additional P’s
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Com_475_08_Midterm_Study_Guide_Revie - Com 475 Midterm...

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