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Unformatted text preview: CAMPAIGN DESIGN STEPS Work backwards CAMPAIGN MESSASES EXTERNAL INFLUENCES Knowledge Attitude Target Response GOAL 1. Goals and Objectives What the organization seeks to accomplish Election campaign goals WIN Get majority (or plurality) of votes RESPECTABLE LOSS Do better than expected GAIN ATTENTION To self or an issue Health campaigns REDUCE LEVEL OF PHYSICAL HARM Death... Injury... Disease IMPROVE: Economy Morality Psychological wellness Social relationships Crime rate 2. Situational Analysis SOCIAL MARKETING APPROACH PRODUCT COMPETITION Situation TARGET RESPONSES MINOR MAJOR COST VS. BENEFIT Situation TARGET AUDIENCES: FOCAL SECONDARY Influencers Policy-makers Situation What are the external factors that can have an impact on individual's behavior? PERSUASION vs. ENGINEERING Engineer behavior change via... OPPORTUNITIES & CONSTRAINTS PUBLIC POLICY Awareness... plus Persuasion & Instruction Why WHY WHAT How Who, When, Where How SEVEN BASIC PATHWAYS OF INFLUENCE... Direct: P1. Learning by focal individuals: MEDIA KNOWLEDGE BEHAVIOR P2. Persuading focal individuals: MEDIA BELIEFS BEHAVIOR P3. Instructing focal individuals: MEDIA SKILLS BEHAVIOR Direct Pathways P4. Triggering focal individuals: MEDIA AWARENESS BEHAVIOR P5. Stimulating focal individuals MEDIA INFO-SEEKING BEHAVIOR INDIRECT PATHWAYS P6. Learning by influencers MEDIA KNOWLEDGE INFLUENCE P7. Activating policy-makers MEDIA PROBLEM SALIENCE POLICY Steps 8...9...10...11...12 8. Develop substantive content 9. Select messenger 10. Choose Channels 11. Create stylistic execution 12. Disseminate messages: Quantity strats ...
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