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Unformatted text preview: Political Party Conventions Every four years... in the summer Current model Sessions from 6 til Midnight on PBS and cable news channels from MondayThursday Networks focus on 1011 pm highlights Newcasts and nextday newspaper Many speeches by: keynoter (and video clips) family senior leaders runnerup BIG speeches After ritual recording of votes from 50 states Vice president nominee Wed primetime Presidential nominee Thurs primetime Objectives Reassure & Activate Core: elite officials party faithful Reinforce Leaners Persuade the Swing voters (Neutrals) Strategies Draw attention to candidates by generating publicity during slow time Create positive impressions by controlling the message and packaging good images Strengthen support by advancing popular positions and repairing weaknesses 2008 Convention Themes Unity... Clintons Support Obama Obama is the right man for the job Young and inexperienced? Didn't hurt Bill Leader Who Can Deliver Change Take Back America First Black Presidential Candidate Health: Drinking New Policy Issue: 18 vs. 21 Percent who drink 18 = 21 Frequency of drinking 18 > 21 Quantity of drinks 21 > 18 Celebratory drinking ?? Rioting 18 > 21 Overdosing 18 > 21 Drunk driving 18 > 21 Other consequences... Dorm drinking 18 > 21 Tailgating 18 > 21 House drinking 21 > 18 Bar drinking 18 > 21 Bar density 18 > 21 ...
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