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Ellis Berner Atsushi Akera Politics and Economics of Information Technology October 15, 2007 Rigging the Deck Ever since people filmed UFOs with black and white, often shaky, blurry, hand- held cameras, theorists have manipulated the truth to prove a point. In addition, groups of people and individuals have always presented facts about topics to persuade the viewer of their point, professionally they are known as lawyers. The combination of the two today yields the online video site YouTube . On YouTube , viewers are left to make their own decision on what they believe based on the supporting evidence offered in the video. Not surprisingly enough, it seems a motif of the videos is that they are highly biased. Concerning the environment, global warming is a heated topic of discussion on the video site with enough evidence to make a case for either side, but how should the viewer decide which is most factual? Often the viewer is exposed to the most popular video, such is the nature of Web
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