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Anonymous College Writing I March 1, 2008 Reading Response 5 If I were a social worker or a teacher and had influence children growing up like Rosa Lee, first of all I would talk about drugs. How it messes up lives and a prime example of that is the location in which Rosa Lee lived at. Second I would discuss with the kids that staying in school is the best and only chance to succeed in life. Lastly I would discuss how to stay out of the footsteps that a parent has chosen to go down. These are the three biggest things that could mess up a child’s future for success. Staying in school is a must be, to survive in life. Rosa Lee has so many difficulties with not being able to read it was just sad. For example, “Rosa Lee was a victim, it turned out, of her inability to read. The blood test showed that she was overdosing on Dilatin, a medication that helps prevent seizures. She had twice the recommended level in her system” (Rosa Lee 69). She wasn’t able to read how much medication she was to take for her seizures, which could have killed her. Another reason to stay in school is because a person that drops out closes doors that can only
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be unlocked by going to school. For example, “I went before parole board, she says.
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Reading response 5 - Anonymous College Writing I March 1...

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