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Anonymous College writing I February 11, 2008 Reading Response #4 Having read only the beginning of the book I am not too fond with Rosa lee’s family. She has eight kids, which five are addicted to drugs and one that is going through rehab. The other two kids that she has don’t do drugs at all and live a very good life. Their problems are way out of control. They all need to go to rehab and go to school so they can make it in life instead of living on the ground. Two of the kids have HIV and so does Rosa, which is because they shared needles and also did prostitution. Her kids aren’t a little addicted to drugs by the way, that is they’re life. “One recent day, Alvin threatened to clear Patty and Ducky out of the apartment with a baseball bat. His threat stopped the pair from bothering Rosa Lee for two days” (Rosa Lee 19). After reading all of this in the first few pages I was interested to hear more about how they live and what it’s like but at the same time I couldn’t imagine ever getting to where they are today.
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The kids in the book that Rosa Lee calls her kids aren’t kids any more. They
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Reading response 4 - Anonymous College writing I Reading...

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