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Anonymous Dr. Lord College writing I March 15, 2008 Immigration is What Makes America The “Melting Pot” The book American Mosaic is about stories of why immigrants came to this country. They came for the American dream. One of the immigrants whose name was Laszlo Natalny said, “We could choose. And we really could have gone anyplace. I never had any doubt whatsoever what I wanted to do. I was just totally convinced the U.S. is the place where I wanted to come to-the excitement that is in this country, the high standard of living, the opportunities that are unlimited, the way you could move around, the way you really could pick and choose your lifestyle” (America Mosaic 301). I believe that we need immigrants to make America thrive. If there weren’t that many different cultures in America, then America would not be the nation that everyone looks up too. There are two reason why immigrants come to the U.S. . One of those reasons is to use the land and the economy to their advantage to make money quick. A prime example of that is an immigrant who came to America from Mexico, his name is Jose Garcia and said, “In truth, the reason that I came was in order to make money. At that time, you know, you could earn from seven to ten pesos a day in Mexico, whereas you could earn from sixty- seventy dollars a week” (American Mosaic 350). Jose came over here for the money. He did not want to help anybody but his family. He was a one dimensional immigrant. He was
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Anonymous 2 just here to make money and said, “That would be my dream. Yeah, my ambition, my dream, if I could have a ranch. I’d like raising animals there-chickens, pigs, cows, whatever is easier to sell, whatever there is a demand in” (American Mosaic 351). His American dream is to take from the land of the free and give nothing back. Another immigrant that did similar to Jose was Rennie Stennett. Rennie is a baseball player that came over to
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immigration - Anonymous Dr Lord College writing I...

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