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Anonymous Dr. Lord College writing I March 15, 2008 Rosa Lee Was a Bad Mother Rosa Lee was a horrible mother. She did not care for her kids at all. The reason why she is and was a bad mother is because she encouraged her kids to do drugs and gave them money to buy drugs. Rosa Lee didn’t care at all about an education for any of the children. The location she decided to raise a family was in worse place. Rosa Lee did have a choice because the country also has cheap homes and apartments but she chose to live in the ghetto of a major city. Most of all, Rosa Lee wasn’t a good role -model. The only things that Rosa Lee cared about were her fix and necessities to keep the chaotic family alive. Rosa Lee was a bad parent , what mother would tell their child this , “When his mother left the house to go shoplift or go to work that night, he recalls, she would tell him, “Well you’re the oldest. Your going to have to be the man when I’m not here” (123). There are situations in life like this one, where to make a good decision is difficult. All someone in that situation has to say is, “Don’t do anything illegal tonight and I love you.” After Rosa Lee said that to Bobby, he broke down in tears. Rosa Lee didn’t think about how that would have an effect on the family and Bobby. She just thought about how to get money to keep the drug infested family alive. Good things always happen in someone’s childhood, which a person will remember for a lifetime. For instance, Rosa Lee said, “My father loved me, though. He used to sneak me money all the time” (54). That is something that Rosa Lee will never forget. What Rosa Lee told Bobby is not something that he is going to want to remember for the rest of his life. The things that Rosa Lee showed in this paragraph showed her poor character, irresponsibility, and selfishness.
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During the time that Dash was doing his documentary on Rosa Lee’s family, he did some interviews and one of the interviews he did was of Patty and Junior. He says, “In January 1996, I visit Patty and Junior in Washington’s Prison system. In October 1994, Junior received a
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Rosa Lee Term Paper - Anonymous Dr Lord College writing I...

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