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Outline for Exam 2 - • Sexual behaviors with others Ch 11...

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Outline for Exam 2 Ch. 6 Importance of communication How men and women communicate Types of communication Communicating more effectively Non constructive communication Self esteem Ch. 7 Forms and measures of love Attachment styles Intimacy Long term love and commitment The dark side of love Ch. 9 Dating Having children or remaining childless Marital sex changes over time Open marriages Customs and practices Divorce Ch. 10 Masters and Johnson’s response cycle a. Order, names, what happens in each cycle, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: • Sexual behaviors with others Ch. 11 • What determines sexual orientation • Models of sexual orientation • Comino out to self and others • Life issues, partnering, sexuality, parenthood and aging • Homophobia Ch. 14 • Physical and psychological factors in sexual dysfunction • Categorizing dysfunctions • Treating dysfunctions • Types and characteristics of sexual dysfunctions a. Sexual desire disorders b. Sexual arousal disorders c. Orgasm disorders d. Pain disorders...
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