malott ch 4

malott ch 4 - Punishment Contingency (positive punishment)...

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Punishment Contingency (positive punishment) Response contingent presentation of an aversive condition (negative  reinforcer) resulting in a decreased frequency of that response An aversive stimulus is one we tend to minimize contact with Teaching quietly Just hand signals, rewarding with talking Overcorrection The person overcorrects for any problem behavior A contingency on inappropriate behavior requiring the person to  engage in an effortful response that more than corrects the effects of  inappropriate behavior Sick social cycle (victim’s punishment model) The perpetrator’s aversive behavior punishes the victim’s appropriate  behavior and the victim stopping the appropriate behavior  unintentionally reinforces that aversive behavior Whenever you have a punishment contingency, you must also have a  reinforcement contingency For punishment to occur, you need behavior; and for behavior to occur 
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malott ch 4 - Punishment Contingency (positive punishment)...

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