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Malott ch 1 - us reinforcers ← Dead-man test • If a...

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Reinforcer (positive reinforcer) A stimulus that increases the frequency of a response it follows Types of reinforcers Stimuli (restricted sense) A beautiful sunset, the taste of a fruit smoothie, or a friendly smile Events o Stock car race or a coldplay concert, things in which our  participation is more or less passive Activities o Playing the guitar or shooting hoops Conditions o Being hot or cold, tired or the condition of happiness and bliss  we can experience when watching that beautiful sunset while  sitting on the top of amajestic mountain with our best friend. Reinforcement Needs to be within 60 seconds, closer to 0 Attention is a social reinforcer We do things that will get us reinforcers, we stop doing things that cost 
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Unformatted text preview: us reinforcers ← Dead-man test • If a dead man can do it, it probably isn’t behavior ← Behavior • A muscle, glandular or neuro-electrical activity • Behavior = response ← Behavior analysis • The study of the behavior of human beings and other animals • The study of the principles of behavior ← Repertoire • A set of skills • Reinforcement of established behavior maintains that behavior in your repertoire ← Behavioral intervention • The use of a behavioral procedure ← Assumed reinforcer • Before spending much time trying to reinforce behavior, make sure you have a true reinforcer ←...
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Malott ch 1 - us reinforcers ← Dead-man test • If a...

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