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School of Engineering MAE 228 Energy Solutions for the Next Century Precept September 19,2008 The End of the Age of Petroleum Reading: David Goodstein: Out of Gas. The End of the Age of Oil American Petroleum Institute: The Truth About Oil and Gasoline ( ) Outline in one page a comparison of the position of Goodstein and the API concerning the use of fossil fuels in the 21 st century. What is the premise of Hubbert’s Peak? Is this a general concept? How is the concept of Hubbert’s Peak different from the claims of Thomas Malthus at the end of the 19
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Unformatted text preview: th century? On page 43 Goodstein lists “common myths” about energy. Do you agree? Can we correct those statements to make them truths? • The greenhouse effect and global warming are bad. • There’s enough fossil fuel in the ground to last for hundred’s of years. • Two (four) dollars a gallon is too much to pay for gasoline. • Oil is produced by oil companies. • When we do run out of oil, the marketplace will ensure that it’s replaced by something else. • Nuclear energy is bad. • We can help by conserving energy; otherwise, there’ll be an energy crisis....
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