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QUESTION TO THINK ABOUT: HOW TO MAKE PEACE?? Sovereignty State Sovereignty originally named by Bodin o Supreme authority within a territory o Separates state from any other entity o No matter how small, if a state has sovereignty it has equality o Most High , absolute and perpetual power If anything higher wouldn’t be sovereignty High b/c of unity—w/o unity no sovereignty Perpetual- if soul is gone, you’re dead! Social Contract is best example of sovereignty o People will hand their rights over to sovereign and it will protect them o Exercise power of the state Sovereignty takes place inside the state Runs into every nook and cranny of 4 corners What makes a state? o State = the borders and the sovereignty within it There is no sovereignty in between states Bodin - need absolute, unified, perpetual sovereignty o UN DOES NOT have sovereign powers In the modern era, which begins 350 years ago, marks age of the state o KNOW ABOUT WESTPHALIA Modernism Begins 1880-1890 and runs through into the middle of 20 th century Has an effect on the state and in matter so if international relations that has nothing to do with modern art o A reaction to opposition to the modern era o Breaks down forms What are main features o Critque of representation o Openness, willingness, and eager acceptance for primitive sources of authenticity and o Experiments with technical means o Juxtaposition of traditionally irreconcilable elements What does all of this have to do with International Affiars o Same concept is taking place in policy matters o Devolution of powers of states States are coming apart in some way Giving bits and pieces of themselves to other entities Representation is no longer entirely clear Experiments in referenda o New ways of voting and standing o Rise in focus on ethnicity
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Instead of modern era’s focus on universality, ideas come forward that each culture is so distinctive, has its on authenticity o Experiments with technical means In California—recall of Governor last year Modernism & Sovereignty All of these things make is less clear what’s going on within the sovereign state which is supposed to be fundamental entity o Undercutting of sovereignty and state itself o President Clinton with Jerusalem and Muslims Sacred area for both jews and muslims Who is going to be sovereign there? This was seemingly impossible—it’s sacred to both With this modernist point of view, effort was made at camp david to break apart form of sovereignty Part of a larger movement—if we are at end of modern era— movements that undercut and water down the fundamental ideas of the modern era Some states are not going to put up with this- asserting most formal rigid interpretations of the old institutions and concepts of IR Sovereignty is fighting back China Most concerned and most fearful that their sovereignty could be seen as not absolute and thorough
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