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ecology questions - Ecology Essay Questions 63...

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Ecology Essay Questions 63. Territoriality is the area that a particular species will claim and protect from other possible competitors within the same region. A rather common example is that of the dog urinating on a specific place as a claim to its “spot” of residence. This scent marking is also a common practice among cats, foxes, and lemurs. A territory may be held by one animal, a group of animals, or a mating pair of animals. When animals of the same species reside in the same community, a dominance hierarchy is created. These dominance hierarchies are established by animals in the same species to distribute certain resources such as food or water throughout the community. The practice is common among primates, but is also displayed amongst fish, birds, and other mammals. Some animals may exhibit rituals to select a mate. This process, known as courtship, is very common among animals. The courtship may include dances, touching, songs, or showings of power or beauty. 64. There are normally 4 levels in a trophic level pyramid. The bottom level, containing the most energy, is the producers which include plants. The second level from the bottom is the primary consumers who are mostly herbivores eating plants. The next two levels are the secondary and the tertiary consumers respectively. These two levels have the least energy and are primarily omnivores and carnivores. The amount of energy transferred between levels is a mere 10% therefore limiting the amount of levels to 4. 65. A pheromone is a chemical signal emitted from plants and animals as a form of
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ecology questions - Ecology Essay Questions 63...

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