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Lab 6 - on the power the DNA/tracking dye combination will...

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LAB 6: Applied DNA Technology and Gel Electrophoresis Objective: The objective of this lab is to understand the principles and practices of applied DNA  technology by use of agarose electrophoresis and bacteria transformation.  Hypothesis: The electricity will cause the DNA to travel across the gel and fragment 1 will travel the  furthest. Procedure: 1. Mix agarose and buffer and boil mixture in microwave. 2. Cool mixture to 65 ° C and place into mold. Place a comb in the mixture and wait  until gel is solid at room temperature. 3. Remove the comb to reveal small indentures in gel called wells. 4. Use a micropipette to load 5–10  µ l from each DNA a sample tube into a well. 5. Place the top on the electrophoresis chamber and connect the electrical leads to  the gel. Double check that the wells are at the negative electrode. When you turn 
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Unformatted text preview: on the power, the DNA/tracking dye combination will begin to move toward the positive electrode. 6. Turn off power when tracking dye has moved to toward the end of the tray. 7. After electrophoresis, stain the DNA for visualization. Submerge the entire gel in methylene blue, which will bind to the DNA. 8. Rinse the gel repeatedly with water, so that the dye washes off the gel. The DNA will appear as blue bands that are easily seen when a light is passed through the gel. Data: Length of DNA Fragments in Gel Conclusion: The statement in the hypothesis was incorrect. Fragment 3 traveled the furthest along the surface of the gel. The results display that Fragment 3 was the lightest, meaning it had the least mass which allowed for it to travel further than the two other tested fragments....
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