LAB 12 - 7 After 24 hours of photosynthesis and respiration...

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LAB 12: Primary Productivity Based on Changes in Dissolved Oxygen Objective: The objectives of this lab are to measure primary productivity based on changes in  dissolved oxygen in a controlled experiment and to investigate the effects of changing  light intensity on primary productivity in a controlled experiment. Hypothesis : The sample with the most light will have the highest net productivity of dissolved  oxygen. Procedure : 1. Fill seven BOD bottles with aquatic culture, being careful not to agitate the  sample. 2. Carefully seal the bottles with caps which are designed to prevent air  entrapments. 3. On each cap write the % light the sample will receive. 4. Wrap bottles in screen or foil. 5. Place all the bottles on their sides in a tray under a fluorescent light for 24 hours. 6. Be sure to measure the amount of oxygen present in the original sample.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. After 24 hours of photosynthesis and respiration, be sure to remeasure the amount of oxygen present. 8. Calculate the amount of oxygen for respiration gross and net productivity. Data: Productivity of Dissolved Oxygen % Light Bottle Label Gross Productivity Net Productivity E-3 2 F 1-2 10 C 2-2 25 A 4-1 65 B 9 1 100 D 13 10 Conclusion: The statement in the hypothesis was proved to be correct. Bottle D had a 100% light transmittance and also had the highest amount of productivity of dissolved oxygen. This is probably a result of an increased photosynthetic rate by the increased light transmittance. An increate in photosynthetic rate allowed for an increase in respiration in the sample as well; this lead to an overall increase in the net productivity of oxygen in sample D....
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LAB 12 - 7 After 24 hours of photosynthesis and respiration...

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