posc 130 final sg 2

posc 130 final sg 2 - SCIENCE IN THE COURTS Buck v. Bell...

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SCIENCE IN THE COURTS Buck v. Bell Heredity in relation to eugenics -DAVENPORT Eugenics is the science of the improvement of the human race by better breeding It is a refrecnce to offspring Has to do with that in the blood The need to eugenics o Nearly half a million infants die before 1 and 1/3 before 20 o Talks about how many will be ineffective and others will be put into instutions because of mental defecieny o Non productive members of society They aim to improve the race by inducing young people to make a more reasonable selection in marriage and to fall in love intelligently Also the control of the state of the incompentent What Happened to Carrie Buck- LEON WHITNEY Carrie was proved to be feeble minded She had a baby who was also defective She took to a life of immorality and under a Virginia statute she was ordered to be sterilized without harm to health They argued that this sterilization would benefit society, and as with cumpolsory vaccination it did not violate constitutional rights Justice Holmes delivered the opinion stating the society can stop the prolonging to feeble minded, cumpolsory vaccination is enough to justify sterlization, three generations if imbelciles are enough Wisonson v. Yoder- Amish people did not want kids to attend high school for it was contary to their way of life and would endanger their salvation. The state upheld their claim that application the compulsory school attendance law to them violated hteir rights under the Free Exercise clause of the 1 st amendment made applicable tot eh states by the 14 th . States cannot impinge on other fundamental rigthts. They had their own form of education RACE AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM Korematsu v. US- Brown v. Board Desegragation as a cold war imperative- mary dudziak Focus of American foreign policy w has to promote democracy and contain communism However racial probems hurt the image Some claim that whites just wanted ot end balck radicalism at home bc of foreign policy
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posc 130 final sg 2 - SCIENCE IN THE COURTS Buck v. Bell...

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