posc 130 mid review

posc 130 mid review - 20/02/2007 19:31:00 ← Consitution...

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Unformatted text preview: 20/02/2007 19:31:00 ← Consitution • Jefferson explains the founding of the colonies and Englands role within them • England established a council for the direction of the colony, enterprise, in which leaders would be nominated and laws would be formed • He explaind the making of the Virgina dual government with thecoucnil of state, whose office was to assist the governor, and the general assembly which was to be convened by the governor once yearly • England claimed that all inhabitants of the colonies remain in obedience to England, and they shall have the same rights as the people of England • The general assembly shall establish laws • Privledge of land • Virginia shall be free form all taxes and customs • They established the colonies for the honour of England • However these rights were not given, the colonists were taxed internally and externally, legislatures were suspended, trails by jury taken away, basically all basic rights • No alternative but resistance or submission • So each state was formed with its own independent government and he explained the structure of the dual legislature and how the senate worked • He explained the division of government, and their related but distinct natures • 20/02/2007 19:31:00...
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posc 130 mid review - 20/02/2007 19:31:00 ← Consitution...

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