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To: John Smith, Publications Secretary of USC’s Cafeteria Advisory Team From:, Member of USC’s Cafeteria Advisory Team Date: September 19, 2008 Subject : Ensuring an evergreen environment by change in diet The article, “ The U.N’s meatless drive’ very clearly describes the harmful effects of meat consumption to the environment. The article suggests the best way to save the environment is by reducing the meat consumption by every individual gradually. The effects the meat consumptions has on the individual is not measurable. Just the consumption of meat is not the only harmful part but the entire process from production right upto consumption is absolutely dangerous to the environment. The article has very clearly highlighted all the problems the world could face with the change in environment but the article has failed to specify the solutions to correct the problem which in my opinion doesn’t make the article complete as it has only mentioned the effects with no solutions to the effects. The article has made a made a comparison between hamburger patties and cow patties
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