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POSC 220g Professor Sellers TA- Hyeyoung Chang The Personal Sustainability Challenge We live in a world of rampant consumerism, where the busy hustle of everyday life prevents us from clearly seeing the environmental effects of our behaviors on the planet. Mankind’s dependence on gas-guzzling vehicles alone is a major threat to the future of our planet. Everything from our choice of red meat or grains for dinner to the duration of our showers affects the environment around us. In light of the worsening of human induced global warming, there should be a level of individual behavioral change in an effort to lessen our negative impact on the environment in the future. While this shift may seem minuscule and insignificant, if a majority of people made simple changes in their everyday lives, such as driving less and using less electricity, a huge chunk of the carbon dioxide emissions that are so negative to the atmosphere could be eliminated. In the past, there has been much debate over the best methods of reducing our carbon emissions and being more environmentally friendly. In The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists, Michael Brower and Warren Leon used scientific measurements to determine the human behaviors that are the most and least damaging to the environment. Brower and Leon write that the single most effective change to help the environment is to “choose a place to live that reduces your need to drive”. They showcase the importance of focusing on the bigger picture at sake and not worrying as much about smaller issues, such as using paper or plastic bags or cloth versus disposable diapers. Brower and Leon
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illustrate that if mankind wants to reverse our pattern of environmental degradation, we need to make the conscience effort to walk, bike, and use public transportation more in
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poli sc - POSC 220g Professor Sellers TA Hyeyoung Chang The...

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