9-11 - Criminology Homicide victimization by race 1976-2005...

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Criminology September 11, 2008 Homicide victimization by race, 1976-2005: blacks are higher than whites in both offending and victimization. Intraracial (within race) white are offending on white and black on black is higher than white on black or black on white. More black on white offending/victimization then white on black. Theoretical perspectives: race and crime Sampson and Wilson (1995) Communities: Shaw and McKay, high rates of delinquency persisted in certain areas of Chicago over many years, regardless of population turnover. Individuals living in the communities changed, but high rates of delinquency remained. Rates were higher in the inner city consistently, no matter who was in the section, there were more delinquency Emphasis is on community rather than individual characteristics. Key concepts: Structural disadvantage Characteristics of the neighborhood. In those neighborhoods there is an ecological concentration of poverty, joblessness, racial segregation, residential mobility, and population turnover. Social disorganization: Communities can exert control over the people in the community when it’s an environment that fosters that. As there’s a structural disadvantage, There’s less
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9-11 - Criminology Homicide victimization by race 1976-2005...

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