9-19-08 - Criminology Women typically arrested for drug...

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CULTURE The American Dream Intense Cultural pressures for Anomie monetary success SOCIAL STRUCTURE Dominance of the economy in the institutional balance of power Weak institutional controls SOCIAL BEHAVIOR High levels of crime Criminology 9-18-08 Women typically arrested for drug abuse, fraud, larceny theft, arson…etc. increased by 25% for women and only 14% for men (the number of people arrested) women are arrested for more minor crimes, shoplifting, deportment offenses (prostitution, disorderly conduct) increases in small time white collar crimes, embezzlement—someone trusted you with money and you use it for your own personal use. Just because levels have increased, the severity has not increased—therefore they aren’t making away with great sums of money because they are not in high enough position and power like within the company. If you are in a lower level position, you will be monitored more carefully therefore, harder to take large sums of money. Two hypothesis: Liberation hypothesis Holds there is an association between improvement in women’s economic and political position and levels of crime, particularly violent crime. “Liberated female crook” As women became more liberated in the political scene and such, the liberated female crook would become more prevalent. The liberation hypothesis is NOT supported by the data. Economic marginalization hypothesis Concentrated disadvantage influences both male and female involvement in violent crime. The argument that in areas of concentrated disadvantage and there an underground economy and it effects men and women both. Drug abuse has risen for both women and men 92% of incarcerated citizens are men, but women are being incarcerated more quickly EXAM 2 Emile durkheim Division of Labor in Society Mechanical solidarity Organic solidarity: functional interpendence
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9-19-08 - Criminology Women typically arrested for drug...

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