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Homework_8 psyc - April 11th 2008 Psychology...

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April 11 th , 2008 Psychology Homework #8 (Personality and Psychological Disorders) – due April 10 th -11 th 1. During a heated argument with his father, 17-year old Carlos developed a paralysis of his right arm. Medical examinations can find no physical cause for the paralysis. Use the psychoanalytic perspective to explain how the paralysis may be Jason’s attempt to deal with an unconscious conflict between his id and superego. The paralysis could be caused by Carlos’ id, which was being suppressed by the superego. The opposing demands could have caused this bodily impulse Carlos is now faced with. 2. According to a number of distinguished psychologists, a major purpose of the defense mechanisms described by Freud is the protection of self-esteem. Give an example of how repression, reaction formation, projection, rationalization, and displacement could each be used to protect or even enhance a positive self-image. Repression is when disturbing thoughts or feelings are removed from ones memory.
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Homework_8 psyc - April 11th 2008 Psychology...

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