Homework #10 (Therapy and Learning)

Homework #10 (Therapy and Learning) - Psychology 102...

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Psychology 102 Homework #10 (Therapy and Learning) – May 1 st -2 nd 1. Daniel, a college sophomore, is so fearful of asking a woman out that he hasn’t had a date in over three years. He has recently contacted a psychotherapist for help in overcoming his fear. Describe how a behavior therapist and a psychoanalyst would treat Daniel’s problem. A behavior therapists’ goal is to eliminate unacceptable behavior. In this case, the unacceptable behavior is Daniel has a fear of asking a woman out. The therapist would first teach Daniel how to relax. The therapist would then construct a sequence of anxiety from the least to the most. Finally, Daniel will have to imagine being in each sequence starting with the least amount. He will not be able to progress further in the sequence until his distress is under control. Psychoanalyst looks for three behaviors: free association, resistance, and transference. Free association is where Daniel will say whatever comes to mind without seeing the therapist. If Daniel is resistant, he will avoid unpleasant thoughts. For example, an event that made Daniel shy towards the opposite sex. Transference is where Daniel will direct his emotional feelings towards the therapist, resulting in the therapist being an important person in Daniel’s life. A psychoanalysts’ goal is to release bottled up energy and provide an understanding of the psychological issue. 2. Mr. Patel suffers from frequent episodes of severe depression. When a friend suggests that
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Homework #10 (Therapy and Learning) - Psychology 102...

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