Ludwig Chapter 3 Hinduism History

Ludwig Chapter 3 Hinduism History - HINDUISM: TIMELINE,...

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HINDUISM: TIMELINE, SPRING 2008 NOTES India’s population: 1 billion plus, as of 2000; Diversity of peoples, religions, languages, cultures; 80% Hindu, 13% Muslim, the rest Christian, Sikh, Jain, Parsi; tribal peoples “Hinduism” traced back to Indo-Aryan word for ‘sea’ (sindhu), i.e. land of Indus river; Persians modified this to ‘hind’; in Gk and Latin, this became ‘india’ meant for uncharted land beyond Indus; “Hindu’ was a Muslim term to ref to native peoples of South Asia, specifically those who didn’t convert to Islam [so, first religious meaning]. In 19C British used term Hindu for Census to distinguish from other religions; In 19C Hindu became an identity, to challenge Christian colonizers and missionaries. Prior to 19C, Hindus didn’t recognise themselves as such, used sectarian affiliations. So, a geographical term for a river evolved into the name for a religion FORMATIVE PERIOD: 2500-800 BCE The Indus Valley Civilization—agriculturalists, with sophisticated irrigation systems, towns and roads, had writing: their religious motifs that continue into later Hinduism: reverence for water, mother goddesses, phallus, animals (bull), fire The coming of the Indo-Aryans to the subcontinent, around 1500 BCE: merged with indigenous population, divided into hierarchical occupational groups or varnas /castes with Priests, Kings, Farmers, Service; Outcastes The Vedas (earliest texts in Hinduism, 1500 BCE); the Rig Veda, collection of 1000 hymns; main gods and motifs (God of sky and seasons, Varuna; God of Rain, Indra;. Agni
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Ludwig Chapter 3 Hinduism History - HINDUISM: TIMELINE,...

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