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ECE 202 - Review for Exam 1

ECE 202 - Review for Exam 1 - *Know how to design a simple...

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ECE-202 REVIEW FOR EXAM-I Chapter 1 : *Understand the mathematical and physical definition of Voltage and Current. *Know the proper units for Voltage, Current, and Power. *Know and be able to apply the Passive Sign Convention. *Know how to calculate the Power associated with any element we have studied. Know how to tell if the power is absorbed or delivered. Chapter 2 : *Know the difference between Voltage and Current sources, and the difference between Independent and Dependent sources. *Know how to properly connect sources. *Know and be able to apply Ohm’s law to a resistor. *Know and be able to apply Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current laws to resistive circuits. *Be able to apply Kirchhoff’s laws to circuits with Dependent sources. Chapter 3 : *Be able to combine resistors in series and parallel to compute R eq in a circuit. *Understand and be able to apply both Voltage and Current Division to analyze a circuit.
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Unformatted text preview: *Know how to design a simple Voltmeter or Ammeter using a d’Arsonval Movement and a Shunt Resistor. The d’Arsonval Movement will be rated for full-scale deflection, and the meter will have a full-scale specification. *Know what a Wheatstone Bridge is, how to tell whether it is balanced or unbalanced, and how to analyze the circuit. *Know what a Delta-to-Wye/Wye-to-Delta transformation is, and how to do the transformation for balanced loads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Further Comments : *Be able to apply any of the methods we have discussed to analyze a resistive circuit. *Know how to do all of the assigned homework. *Study the textbook, and study my class notes....
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