Japanese Is Possible - Lesson 02 (ebook - learn japanese)

Japanese Is Possible - Lesson 02 (ebook - learn japanese) -...

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Japanese is Possible! Lesson 2 Some helpful tips Your brain is a very powerful tool, even more than you realize. You can learn new things, and unlearn things that were in error. Unlearning in particular tends to require a lot of repetition. You must beat the corrected information into your head, just as the falsehood was beat into your head over a period of years. Eventually, you'll prevail. In learning Japanese (and this goes for almost any goal you set), the sooner you can unlearn that "it's hard" the sooner you'll be able to make rapid progress. If you've already taken my word for it and believe it, good for you. At first, Japanese may sound very foreign to you, and your confidence may falter at times. As you begin to listen to it and learn more about it, you will become more comfortable with it. I speak from experience on this. I strongly suggest that you "make friends" with the Japanese language. Don't treat it as a monster you wish to tame, but rather approach it like a friend and an ally, something you want to do, a fun hobby that you only approach when you want to. Try to rekindle the love of learning that children have. Some of you still have that love of learning, and that's great. If you treat Japanese like a chore, it will be much harder to learn. Let's think of Japanese study as something fun you will do alongside your favorite hobby - anime, video games, music, or talking for that matter. You will get more enjoyment out of any one of these. There are many "resources" you can use in the study of Japanese, each giving you practice in one or two particular areas. For example, listening to Japanese music helps you in the following areas: Getting rid of the "foreign" feel Learning new words (and remembering them well) Learning pronunciation As this column progresses, I will point out the best ways to improve yourself in each area. Don't worry about what you don't know, but rather focus on what you do know.
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This note was uploaded on 09/23/2008 for the course JAP 101 taught by Professor Matsumoto during the Spring '08 term at CUHK.

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Japanese Is Possible - Lesson 02 (ebook - learn japanese) -...

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