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1 APC100/NPB123 Final – Lecture Exam 17 March 2007 1. What layer of the skin produces horn? a) dermis b) epidermis c) corium d) hypodermis 2 What is the distinctive arrangement of the fish skin that prevents the skin from buckling during swimming? a) a dense bias weave of dermal collagen b) simple epidermis c) stratified epidermis d) random organization of dermal collagen e) very small amounts of dermal collagen 3. Antlers are composed of? a) horn b) dermis c) bone d) hair 4. Which statement about fish skin is FALSE ? a) Fish lack a dermal layer. b) The epithelial cells in the top layer are alive. c) Scales in many teleosts are acellular bone. d) There are unicellular mucous glands in the epithelium. e) The epithelial layer is only a few cells thick. 5. Which gland type is NOT associated with a hair follicle? a) apocrine b) sebaceous c) eccrine d) all of the above are associated with a hair follicle e) none of the above are associated with a hair follicle 6. Which statement about hair and feathers is FALSE ? a) A down feather lacks hooklets on its barbules. b) Growing feathers have a living dermis (or pulp) in the quill. c) Both hairs and feathers can have smooth muscle attached. d) The medulla of a hair shaft contains living cells. e) The growth of a hair occurs at the matrix in the bulb.
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2 7. Growth of tubular horn in a heavily keratinized appendage occurs at: a) the ends of dermal papillae b) the top of epidermal pegs c) the side of the sole d) digital cushion e) the adjacent bone 8. Which statement (a – d) about horns and antlers is FALSE ? a) Bovine horns are bony processes covered by a permanent keratinized epithelium. b) Antlers lose their epithelium during part of the season. c) Tubular horn grows from the tips of epidermal pegs and associated dermal papillae. d) The epidermal layers lack a stratum germinativum. e) All of the above are true. 9) Which of these basic tissues is primarily responsible for forming and maintaining semi- permeable barriers? a) epithelial tissue b) connective tissue c) muscle tissue d) nervous tissue 10) Complete the following: The pedicels of podocytes interlock with each other to form__________, which is part of the filtration barrier in the renal corpuscle a) Fenestrations b) The basement membrane c) Filtration slits d) Junctional processes e) The parietal layer 11) What is a primary function of the kidneys? a)
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examquestions-final-2007 - APC100/NPB123 Final Lecture Exam...

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