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reproduction_1-female20072 - Female Reproductive System APC...

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1 Female Reproductive System APC 100 Winter 2007 Stuart Meyers, DVM, PhD Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Cell Biology School of Veterinary Medicine UC Davis Office: 2319 Haring Ph: 752-9511 Email: [email protected] Estrous cyclicity square6 The period from one ovulation to the next. square6 Estrus = ‘heat’ square6 Mono-estrous, monestrous square6 Polyestrous square6 Seasonally monestrous square6 Seasonally polyestrus square6 Monovular 1-2 offspring square6 Polyovular (litters) days Ov Ov hormone The Estrous Cycle square6 Hormone dominance square6 Estrus - estrogen-secretion (E2) square6 “In heat” square6 Diestrus - progesterone secretion (P4) square6 “out of heat” square6 Metestrus - waning P4, rising E2 square6 “going out/coming in” square6 Anestrous (not ‘anestrus ’) square6 No hormone secretion square6 Seasonal, Illness, age, debilitation days Ov Ov hormone Female Reproductive Organs square6 ovaries - produce eggs & hormones square6 uterine tubes (oviduct) - transport eggs square6
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  • Uterus, Fallopian tube, uterine tube, Vagina Cervix Uterus Oviduct, Cervix Uterus Oviduct, hormones uterine tubes

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