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1 COM 100 Research Requirement WHAT : There are three ways to satisfy the COM 100 research requirement, each worth a total of 40 points: Option 1) Participate in two hours of research conducted by faculty and graduate students in the Communication Department, Option 2) Summarize two research articles about a topic of your choice, or Option 3) Review an article on deception, written by MSU faculty and graduate students in the Communication Department. Students must select ONE of these options to satisfy the requirement. DUE : Option 1 must be completed by December 8 . Students choosing either Options 2 or 3 are required to inform their COM 100 TA of their plans no later than the fifth week of the semester. Papers for these two options are due in recitations during the mid-term week of October 15 . No late assignments will be accepted under any circumstances. OPTION 1: COMMUNICATION RESEARCH POOL This option consists of participating in two hours of research conducted by faculty and graduate students in MSU’s Communication Department. Details about participation are included in the “Guidelines for Option 1: Research Participation” document and online at . OPTION 2: SUMMARIZE TWO RESEARCH ARTICLES This option consists of finding, reading, and summarizing two research articles (in a topic of your choice) from scholarly journals in communication, psychology, or related fields. See the detailed description below. HOW IT SHOULD LOOK: You must copy, staple, and turn in both articles including the reference pages). You should have a cover page with your name, your Section Leader and TA names, and your PID number. These are needed to guarantee that you receive credit for the assignment. The two article summaries should also be stapled, included somewhere after the cover page. Only typed assignments will be accepted. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE RESEARCH ARTICLE SUMMARY 1. Pick a topic that is studied in the field of communication. This topic can be selected in consultation with your TA. Some examples of topics include: - Infidelity among romantic partners - Persuasion and guilt - Relational uncertainty - Friendship in the workplace - Deception - Gossip - Conflict in work groups 2. Go to the library and find two articles that address your topic. The articles must have been published within the last ten years in academic journals . You may NOT use articles in popular magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Parents, Mademoiselle, or current
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COM_100_Research_Requirement_1_ - COM 100 Research...

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