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notes.9.8 - -more variety in Africa than anywhere...

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Psych 9/8 Genetics - study of genes and inheritance - genes are on chromosomes and contain instructions for making proteins Identity - Part of an individual’s self-concept that defines who he/she is as an individual and as a member of a group - dependent on community, society, family, and peers Race Timeline 1580 – ‘race’ introduced 1758- Carl Linnaeus – 4 races based on continent Human Genome Project - mapping all human genes across the globe
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Unformatted text preview: -more variety in Africa than anywhere else-overlap in genes of all places and all connected to Africa Race-likely influenced by 8-20 genes Levels of Analysis in Health Research 1) Environment 2) Social 3) Psychological 4) Behavioral DNA-based Ancestry tests-Admixture o Biogeographical ancestry o Ancestry informative markers (AIMs)-Lineage o Maternal – mitochondrial DNA o Paternal – y chromosome...
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