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Psych 11 9/3 Kinds of Studies - Naturalistic Study o Careful monitoring and examination of what people and animals do under more or less natural circumstances. - Case studies o A thorough observation and description of a single individual. It’s used only for unusual conditions - Experimental study o The common type of study used in psychology. There are two types of variables in this type of study. Independent Variable (Grouping variable) – the variable that gets manipulated. Has two different types of groups: Experimental group: participants experience the manipulation Control group: participants don’t experience manipulation Dependent Variable – the variable that changes as a result of the manipulation o Random Assignment: random assignment of participants to either the control or experimental group
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Unformatted text preview: o Conclusions about cause and effect can be drawn from experimental studies o Some weaknesses associated with experimental approach are the slightly artificial nature and the ethical nature-Correlation Study o Correlation - The relationship between two or more variables. o Correlation coefficient – the statistical or mathematical estimate of the relationship between two variables o The value of the correlation coefficient can range between -1 and 1 o A positive correlation means that as one variable changes, the other changes in the same direction o A negative correlation means that as one variable changes, the other changes in the opposite direction o A zero correlation means that there is no relationship between the two variables...
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