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August 26 - 1 History 210 August 28, 2008 Stuff from last...

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1 History 210 August 28, 2008 Stuff from last class: Native Americans were original settlers in Louisiana - 6 main groups in LA - All were diverse, complex societies - In different regions of LA, different languages, religions, cultures, etc. - Were very populace in the region These NA societies were growing and expanding, later collapsing, and then expanding again. As diverse and complex as they are presently, they have seen better times before – before European settlers came to LA The Europeans come into contact with the NA societies and impact the development of French colonial Louisiana Why did the Europeans come to the Americas? - In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue to look for the West Indies (Asia, Japan, Korea, China, India, etc.) - 1. GOLD Looking for gold for not only himself, but for the King/Queen of Spain - 2. GOD To spread Catholicism to other lands and societies - 3. GLORY Bring glory to himself, make a name/legacy, and also for the mother country of Spain Columbus lands in the Americas, but doesn’t realize it’s a new country because there are already communities there Other explorers with the same motives follow Columbus to the Americas – and they realize it’s a n unmapped territory They conquer lands – still looking for a passageway to the Indies – believe there is wealth in TRAD since there is not a lot of gold in the Americas SPANISH - ALONSO ALVAREZ PINEDA (1519)
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2 o Credited with mapping the Americas o Sailed along the Gulf of Mexico from tip of peninsula of Florida, mapping out the coast as he sailed along the Gulf, passing the Mississippi to the Rio Grande o Named the Mississippi River the “RIO DE LAS PALMAS” o This is the first name of the Mississippi from Europe - ALAVAR NUÑEZ CABEZA DE LA VACA (1528-1536) o Goes inland into Florida o His expedition was decimated by war with NA and disease (small pox) o Comes back out to the coast (around Pensacola) and gets to the Mississippi from t Gulf o Lands around East Texas and West Louisiana coast – then goes inland into Mexico
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August 26 - 1 History 210 August 28, 2008 Stuff from last...

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