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psych101 psychotherapy - (long& deep ways Ego defends...

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November 9, 2007 Guest Lecture: Harry Segal, Ph.D. What is Psychotherapy? Good Ol’ Counselin’: more like a coach; helps him reflect on himself (motivation, study skills, homesick, etc.); makes interpretations State of the Art – Psychopharmacology: “Anxiety disorder”? - barbiturates - benzodiazepines (GABA agonists) = “calm down” system – cause physical dependence The American Approach (short & sweet) – Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: - EVENT THOUGHT (Interpretation) EMOTION Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – It’s Not Necessarily Your Mother’s Fault…
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Unformatted text preview: (long & deep):- ways Ego defends against unacceptable feelings, thoughts, wishes, & fears: repression, projection, denial, rationalization, reaction formation, & isolation of affect- Joe’s unconscious wishes = to protect father, to surpass father & be Mom’s favorite Signal Anxiety Compromise Formation (conscious & unconscious wishes are partially gratified) Psychotherapy = a strategic use of intimacy Psychotherapy features: boundaries, therapist abstinence, & fidelity to the “process” Discourse (what is spoken); Process (mental experience)...
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