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psych101 perception - Perception Distal stimulus object we...

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Perception October 24, 2007 Distal stimulus – object we see proximal stimulus – image projected on retina “Our eyes take in more than our brain can consciously process.” 1930s – The Gestalt Psychologists explained that perception is not atomistic (built from sensory elements) but is based on innate laws Laws of Perceptual Organization Perceptual Organization: Past Experience Illusion = A discrepancy exists between the distal physical stimulus & our interpretation of it based on the info in the proximal (retinal) stimulus Causes of Illusions: 1. Laws of Organization which lead us astray 2. Past Experience upon which we bet 3. Impoverished Cues Hidden information Assumptions about our environment The Ames Window Illusion – past experience & assumptions about the built environmental can lead our perception astray October 31, 2007 How do we judge depth and distance? 1. Primary (Physiological) - Accommodation: < 3 to 4 feet (near object), lens bulges - Convergence: < 10 feet, eyeballs are turned inward & you feel muscle - Retinal Disparity 2. Secondary cues (Psychological) - Pictorial (2D): - Monocular: 1. Linear Perspective – appear to converge at a distance (further away) = 2. Aerial Haze – objects far away are blurred 3. Relative Size – objects same size further away look smaller & closer together 4. Familiar Size – enables us to estimate distance 5. Interpositional Cue – object interrupting another looks closer 6. 7. Texture Gradients – texture denser = more distant; equally distributed
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psych101 perception - Perception Distal stimulus object we...

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