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psych101 art & psychiatry

psych101 art & psychiatry - Good in school interest in...

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November 28, 2007 Paintings as a Mirror of the Mind Art & Psychiatry Purpose: A creative event; an icebreaker; a catharsis Questions to Explore: Diagnostic value of paintings Visual expression of feelings Prognosis – getting better/worse or same over time? 1. Diagnostic value of paintings Case history needed, but there is an exception… Exception = schizophrenic paintings: A. filling all space B. segmentation of canvas (compartments) C. Mixture of words and pictures D. attention to detail E. Neologisms – a new word/phrase, private language created - Hebephrenic schizophrenic: “word salad,” politics, sex & immorality, religion, sorrow, guilt - Paranoid schizophrenic: eyes (looking at the artist) - Catatonic schizophrenic: rigid 2. Visual expression of feeling sexual psycopath chronic anxiety reaction (inferiority, shame, guilt) anxiety & depression November 30, 2007 William Kurelek Schizoid – Affective Personality Disorder Lonely, isolated, timid, shy
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Unformatted text preview: Good in school; interest in the arts Imaginative & idealistic Feelings of inferiority Discomfort in interpersonal relations If left untreated, can lead to schizophrenia Edvard Munch: The Shriek, The Cry, The Scream; treated for paranoia & depression 3. Prognosis through art Louis Wain – paranoid schizophrenia; cats Vincent Van Gogh – Geschwind’s syndrome = form of temporal lobe epilepsy between seizures, a severe personality disorder w/ periodic aggression, paranoia, hallucinations; hyperreligiosity- lay preacher; confused sexual identity; hypergraphia- 200 paintings, 200 drawings, 100 letters in 15 months Anxiety Disorders: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: 1 in 40 people; equally seen in men & women Causes: environmental, genetic predisposition, & biochemical (low level of serotonin) Treatment: anti-anxiety agents (Prozac, Paxil, ), behavior therapy, or cognitive therapy...
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