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psych101 implicit social cognition

psych101 implicit social cognition - Guest Lecture Melissa...

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October 26, 2007 Guest Lecture: Melissa Ferguson Implicit Social Cognition = uses cognitive theories & methodologies to study social phenomena with a focus on rapid unintentional & non-conscious 1 st example – judging a book my its cover What kinds of information become activated in memory w/in the 1 st milliseconds of perceiving a stimulus How rapidly can we make judgments about people’s personality based solely on their face? - How much time do you need to decide whether someone possesses a particular personality trait? - Participants were shown a series of photos of people’s faces; they had to decide if the person presented had a particular trait - First impressions from faces: Willis & Todorov (2006) – unlimited time & constrained time (varied) The fast judgments were highly correlated with the slow judgments; the judgments we make extremely rapidly are very similar to the judgments we make when we have unlimited time 100ms is sufficient for a variety of person judgments; we extract roughly
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