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November 16, 2007 Guest Lecture: David Dunning Eyewitness Psychology Primary evidence – eyewitness ID is very common, but it’s not infallible Memory can be wrong Fragility of Memory: Memories of Challenger (1986 spacecraft launch) Phase of Memory 1. Acquisition: getting the information inside the head 2. Retention: storing memory in the interim 3. Retrieval: reporting on the memory at a later time Weapon Focus: if a dangerous object is in the crime scene, attention will be drawn to it – increasing memory for it & nearby things and reducing memory of things in
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Unformatted text preview: peripheral Schema Effects- schemata are knowledge structures containing usual characteristics or events associated w/ people, places, things, or events- memory often contains false details suggested by a person’s schema Impact of Misleading Information (Loftus Effect) Lineup Bias- when only one (or 2) lineup choices are plausible, given the witness’s prior description. A subtle form of suggestibility....
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