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Sheet1 Page 1 # In each of the following situations, identify which of the nine principles is at work. a. You choose to shop at the local discount store rather than paying a higher price for the same merchandise at the local depa [Answer Field] b. On your spring vacation trip, your budget is limited to $35 a day. [Answer Field] c. The student union provides a website on which departing students can sell items such as used books, appliances, and furn i [Answer Field] d. You decide how many cups of coffee to have when studying the night before an exam by considering how much more work [Answer Field] e. There is limited lab space available to do the project required in Chemistry 101. The lab supervisor assigns lab time to each [Answer Field] f. You realize that you can graduate a semester early by forgoing a semester of study abroad.
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Unformatted text preview: [Answer Field] g. At the student union, there is a bulletin board on which people advertise used items for sale, such as bicycles. Once you ha v [Answer Field] h. You are better at performing lab experiments, and your lab partner is better at writing lab reports. So the two of you agree t h [Answer Field] i. State governments mandate that it is illegal to drive without passing a driving exam. [Answer Field] # Describe some of the opportunity costs when you decide to do the following. a. Attend college instead of taking a job explicit costs-implicit costs-b. Watch a movie instead of studying for an exam explicit costs-implicit costs-c. Ride the bus instead of driving your car explicit costs-implicit costs-...
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