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Sept 19 pset - Ec 13 Statistics Problem Set #1 Fall...

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1 Ec 13 Fall Semester 2008-2009 Statistics Swingle Problem Set #1 Chapter problems are taken from the course textbook: Applied Statistics in Business and Economics , Doane and Seward, 2 nd edition. Data files for the required problems can be found in the Problem Set #1 Excel file (pset1.xls). I. Recommended problems (not graded) Chapter: Problems: 2 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 30 3 10, 14, 26, 28 Note : Problem 10 in Chapter 1 is numbered 1.10 in the textbook. Problem 22 in Chapter 1 is 1.22, problem 2 in Chapter 2 is labeled 2.22. And so on. Answer True or False: 1. The occurrence of an unlikely event increases when we take larger samples. 2. Qualitative data are also known as categorical data. 3. Because the divorce rate in Mississippi fell in 2005 after Hurricance Katrina, one can conclude that Hurricane Katrina caused Mississippi couples to stay together. 4. When entering data into a spreadsheet, we usually place the variables in the rows and the units of analysis in the columns. So our spreadsheet would look something like: USA Ghana Japan Mexico GDP/capita $31,500 $1,800 $23,100 $8,300 Population 272m 18m 126m 100m Percent 65 and over 12% 4% 17% 4% Birth Rate 14.3 31.8 10.5 25.0 Life expectancy 76.2 57.1 80.1 72.0 Source : 5. Scatter plots are useful for showing the relationship between qualitative variables. 6. A line chart can be used to display several variables at once. 7. Typically, the number of bins for a histogram increases as the the number of data points increases. 8. An ogive is simply another name for a line graph of cumulative frequencies. 9. The mean is the best measure of central tendency for a ratio variable. 10. Equal distances represent equal ratios for an arithmetic scale. II. Required problems (graded)
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Sept 19 pset - Ec 13 Statistics Problem Set #1 Fall...

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