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PLSC Themes - Natural Man Thinker Aristotle Perspective Man...

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Natural Man Thinker Perspective Aristotle “Man is by nature a political nature.” Our characteristics are best fulfilled by politics. We are this way because of our capabilities: self-sufficiency, logos (logic, speech). We rise from the family unit, to the village, to the polis. The household is a partnership, political relationship. People are either born to be mastered, or are born to master. Some require “guidance.” Communitarian: the well-being of the community is placed above that of man. Machiavell i Not concerned about the individual. He looks at what is necessary for a leader: virtù The two humors are to dominate and to be left alone. comparable to Hobbes’ pride and fear. Hobbes All natural activity is bodies colliding with one another. Animal motions are either vital or voluntary. Human behavior is the interplay between appetite and aversion: power and fear. Power is how we fulfill our future felicity: more than immediate satisfaction. We are selfish: we want our own felicity, our own peace and protection. We wanted security Humans are bodily and mentally equal. However, because we are pursuing our own felicity, no one is happy. This is a chaos state of nature The Three laws of nature: Right of Nature: every man’s inborn right to use whatever means available to preserve his own life. (The reasonable thing to do would be to seek peace.) All men have a natural right to all things. (To assure peace men
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PLSC Themes - Natural Man Thinker Aristotle Perspective Man...

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