econ11_08summerC - Economics 11 Introduction to...

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Economics 11 Introduction to Microeconomic Theory Summer Session C 2008 Instructor: Amy Brown Contact Information Lectures: MW 1-3:05 PM, Dodd 147 O¢ ce Hours: MW 10-11 AM, Bunche 2265 O¢ ce: Bunche 2265 for o¢ ce hours, Bunche 9372 otherwise Email: [email protected] When contacting me via email, please indicate "Econ 11" in the subject line Course Description and Requirements The second part is Econ 101. Both courses are intended to introduce you to formal economic analysis and to serve as a foundation for more advanced The course will cover the basics of consumer and producer theory, equilib- rium in single markets, general equilibrium, the &rst and second welfare theo- rems, and the concepts of externalities and public goods. It is essential for you to have a solid background in Calculus to succeed in this course . In addition to chapter 2 of your textbook, I will post a math guide that will review the most important results that we will use during this
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This note was uploaded on 09/23/2008 for the course ECON 11 taught by Professor Cunningham during the Summer '08 term at UCLA.

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econ11_08summerC - Economics 11 Introduction to...

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