Marketing Chapter 5 - Marketing Chapter 5 (Understanding...

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Marketing Chapter 5 (Understanding Consumer Behavior) Consumer behavior – actions a person takes in purchasing and using products and services, including the mental and social processes that come before and after these actions Purchasing decision process – stages a buyer passes through in making choices about which products and services to buy 1. Problem recognition – perceiving a difference between a person’s ideal and actual situations big enough to trigger a decision 2. Information search – internal search (scan memory for previous experiences with products or brands), external search (personal sources, public sources) 3. Alternative evaluation – represent both the objective attributes of a brand and the subjective ones used to compare different products and brands a. Consideration set – group of brands that a consumer would consider acceptable from among all the brands in the product class of which he or she is aware 4. Purchasing decision – from whom to buy and when to buy 5. Postpurchase behavior (value in consumption or use) – after purchase consumer compares it with his or her expectations and is either satisfied or dissatisfied Involvement – personal, social, economic significance of the purchase to the consumer
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Marketing Chapter 5 - Marketing Chapter 5 (Understanding...

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